Furano Day 4

Today was one of the best filming days so far.  We managed to get a whole lot of quality helmet cam and stick cam footage which we will be uploading to the site shortly.

We found some great drop offs and small kickers on the side of some runs in the Furano zone.

Late in the afternoon, we caught up with Simon and Roger (a couple of Swiss guys we met at our pension), and took an off piste run beten the Furano and Kitanomine zones.

What was to be a short hike, then a short tree run to an untracked powder stash turned out to be a long tree run followed by a 3.5 hour hike down the mountain.  

Caught next to a creek between two ridges, we had to climb out of the gully onto the ridge then hike down through waist deep snow in failing light until we finally walked out into the Furano zone car park at 6:45pm, 3.5 hours after we started the run.

Simon and Roger gave us the tree run of our lives, and the hike of our lives. 🙂  Having our Swiss mates experience and cool heads off piste helped get us out off what could have been a messy situation safely.

Simon and Roger still owe us a beer 😉


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2 Responses to “Furano Day 4”

  1. simon says:

    Yo guys

    Still know I owe you a beer, but at least I show ya what you missed..check this first shizzle..and next time: keep above and below us! haha..so long

    JAPAN010 – Raw Trailer

  2. simon says:


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