Bar Ajito – Furano

Hi folks,

We’ve mentioned Bar Ajito in a few previous posts and videos, but I wanted to take the time to send Nii the owner of Bar Ajito and his friendly staff Tomo & Miki a special thank-you.

We stayed at Pension Furanui in Furano Village, and Bar Ajito was our “local”.  Furano itself has more of a family-friendly laid back vibe, so there are not many bars in the village, and you will rarely find yourself having to line up for a beer or cocktail.

Nii and the staff go out of their way to make you feel welcome.  It doesn’t even feel right to be calling them “staff”, as they realy felt like good friends for the time we spent together.

As well as fulfulling our drinking requirements, Nii also took us on an awesome snowmobile tour out at Tomamu, followed by a bonus Onsen vist in the mountains that evening 🙂

After spending our last evening with our new Furano friends at Bar Ajito, Nii presented us each with a CD containing photos from our last night and the snowmobile tour.  A very thoughtful touch, and something that goes way beyond just great customer service!

img_0544 img_0632  img_0761

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