Our first shooting session

Last weekend saw us complete our first shooting session for the Snowboard in Japan documentary.  The purpose of the shoot was two-fold.  Firstly, it was an opportunity to test all our gear including lav mics, shotgun mic, wide angle lens and lighting.  We also wanted to test different lighting configurations for conducting interviews.

The second purpose for the shoot was to get our first footage of us describing some of our previous snowboarding adventures as well as our expectations for the upcoming trip.  This footage will provide a great contrast to the final footage taken during the trip.  We will be able to see directly how our expectations stacked up against the actual trip itself.

Lastly we took some footage of the different types of gear required for a trip to sub-zero snowboarding locations.  This will be useful for first-time boarders or those heading to snowboard in Japan for the first time.

We will be making some of the footage available online shortly.

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2 Responses to “Our first shooting session”

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  2. skate shoes says:

    I know you’re still pushing the limits with the crew (white, palmer).

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