Gearing up for production

We have been frantically gearing up for production of our documentary about snowboarding in Japan.  When shooting footage overseas with a small 1 or 2 man crew you need a healthy compromise between having just the right amount of equipment to produce a quality production while not over-burdening yourself with having to lug a heavy kit all around the world.  Keeping it simple and light will mean you avoid excess baggage charges from the airlines, but you’ll also be agile enough to chase the stories as they present themselves throughout your journey.

At a minimum what you will need to look at taking with you is:

  • A quality HD camcorder
  • A filter kit
  • Wide angle lens
  • A quality shotgun microphone
  • A lav microphone kit
  • A mixer
  • 2-3 lights with various filters / cookies
  • A rain cover (depending on weather)
  • A quality portable tripod
  • Recording media (SD cards etc.)
  • A stabilisation device for hand-held recording (see
  • All cables, spare batteries etc.
  • Padded bags for camera and equipment

We recently took delivery of our Cam Caddie.  It’s a cradle for your hand-held camcorder and is made from light weight plastic which is very strong and won’t tip your baggage allowance over the top.  The cam caddie allows you to get action shots on the fly while maintaining maximum stabilisation.  It’s he perfect device for getting awesome footage of snowboarders carving up the pow 😉

cam caddie

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