Days 6-10

Friday 5/2 was a rest day for us after a couple of very active days. We caught up on some sleep, had a late lunch and then an onsen. For dinner we jumped on the local bus and headed to Okonomiake Senja – a sensational restaurant run by a husband and wife team.

Around the corner was a strip of 4-5 bars and the one we settled for was run by a local musician – Yoh Kobayashi. Well known around Japan his traditional  music has featured in many movies and animations over the years. What followed was an impromptu performance with one of his friends who played the bamboo flute.  We were welcomed by all at the bar eventually inducting them all into the Koala Club by the time we left.

Saturday was also low-key as we were still suffering the effects of the 3hr hike out of the boonies on Thursday. Furano Village put on a small cultural show tha was attended by some locals and tourists. Joined by Carl and his father who had both just arrived from Niseko, it was dinner at R’s then a few game of pool at Ajito and off to bed.

Sunday was back on the slopes at Furano and later on we headed to B.B Forest for well deserved massages. Omori-san is a fantastic local aroma massage therapist. If you are in Furano and needing some rejuvination, drop Omori-san a line on 0167-22-0838 or email on

Monday was one of the best powder days of th trip. We had booked  bus to Kamui and the powder and runs there were just magnificent. We had no difficulties finding fresh powder all day and back to the pension by 5pm.

Tuesday was a half day on Kitanomine Zone in order to upload some footage and interview Djan from Rhythm Snowsports.


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2 Responses to “Days 6-10”

  1. Miki says:

    Iao and Leroy san(^^)
    I’m Miki of AJITO.
    How do you do??

    Today, It’s a nice day in Furano!

    I’m interesting to read your web.


    • iain says:

      Ohaiyo gozaimas Miki san!! It’s great to hear from you on the website.

      We’re back home now and both of us are missing you guys already. If we could, we’d fly back to Furano today.

      There is so many photos and video that soon we’ll sit down and begin putting it all together to make a DVD of the trip. In the mean time we’ll continue to put up some posts to the site.

      Say ‘konnichiwa’ to Tomo and Nii san for us!!

      Hope to hear form you again soon…..Iao.


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